Why I chose physiotherapy

Since I was a child I have been interested in many physical activities. I enjoyed water the
most so I started swimming and attending international races. I had been swimming
competitively since the age of seven till the end of my studies. A lot of training led to various
injuries and pain. That’s when I became deeply interested in finding solutions to the specific
problems I and others were experiencing. These problems were mostly caused by
inadequate loading and could be solved by correct movement techniques. Therefore, I
decided to study physiotherapy.

Terapia in foreign language is not a problem for me

I completed my bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Palacký University in Olomouc. As a part of my
studies I spent some time in the Netherlands and Spain which improved my international perspective
and improved my professional communication in English and Spanish.

I like challenges

I enjoy studying and moving forward in the field of physiotherapy. The human body is very complex
and requires the use of modern diagnostic methods and appropriate therapeutic procedures. More specifically, I am interested in functional problems of the human body, as well as functional
sterility in women, postpartum diastasis or musculoskeletal disorders for no apparent reason. Each
client is a challenge for me in their own way and I try to find a solution to the key problem that leads
to pain relief, increased performance in athletes and achieving their long-term goals.

Professional courses


Diastase I. + Diastase II. active therapy – Groofy
IQ Movement Academy – Level 1 – Posture
Ludmila Mojžišová method course – treatment of female functional sterility (Course A:Mobilization of ribs by Mojžíšová method, Course C: Mobilization of SI joint and L spine by Mojžíšová method)
Comprehensive kinesiological analysis


Use of yoga in the therapy of vertebrogenic disorders
Therapeutic use of CompreFloss kompres compression rubber


Vojta’s method (reflex locmotion method) – course A


SM system – Spiral stabilization of the spine – course 1A + 1B


Kinesiotaping – Therapeutic use of Temtex tap


2016 – 2018 Master’s Scholarship of Physiotherapy, Palacky University in Olomouc, FTK

2015 Physiotherapy Scholarship (under Erasmus plus) Avans Hogeschool, University of Applied Science

2015 Biomechanics Scholarship (erasmus plus) Universidad de Coruña

2012 – 2016 baccalausque physiotherapy at Palacky University in Olomouc, FTK

Work experience

2021 Fyziospot

2018 – 2020 lecturer of group exercises of healthy back in Fyziobalance

2018 – 2020 physiotherapist at CLR MUDr. A. Koukal Spol. s r.o., Brno

2018 physiotherapist in the Psychiatric Hospital in Šternberk during the master’s study, PL Šternberk

2016 – 2018 physiotherapeutic support of the Czech national team in finswimming

2016 – 2017

physiotherapist at a private clinic during the master’s study of Physiotherapy Zora Kryková, Prostějov

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